The Cutting Edge Webinar Series

Webinar series starting January 2024

The Cutting Edge Webinar Series, presented by the Canadian Biomarker Quality Assurance, aims to spotlight innovations and emergent practices related to precision diagnostics, biomarker testing, and laboratory medicine.

Over the course of 9 monthly episodes, experts will share insights into what they’ve been working on, why it’s working well, and how these practices can be implemented more widely to improve patient safety. Topics will cover digital pathology, laboratory tests for novel biomarkers, and much more.

By bringing together laboratory medicine professionals from across Canada, this series also provides a forum for knowledge exchange and productive discussion. Our goal is to make innovations in the field more accessible. A large component of each episode will be dedicated to audience discussion. You will have the chance to converse with our expert speakers and ask questions.

We hope you will join us. Registration is free and now open.

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