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A quick guide to CBQA - PCAB

The purpose of the CBQA Proficiency Testing is to assess test performance characteristics (TPCs) of prognostic and predictive oncology biomarkers, more specifically, the assay protocol TPCs. As an academic program, the CBQA explores innovative approaches to PT for prognostic and predictive biomarkers and aims to develop evidence relevant to future design of PT for this purpose.

CBQA also organizes educational events in the form of symposia and also academic conferences where participants are invited to present and discuss their experiences with predictive and prognostic biomarkers.

The CBQA is not assessing pathologists’ readout proficiency/competencies. Pathologists’ readout and/or interpretation for various predictive and prognostic biomarkers is being assessed by CBQAReadout.ca. Please see www.cbqareadout.ca for more information about these programs.

CBQA, just like CBQAReadout.ca occasionally receives educational grants from industry. However, the sponsors have no influence on the design or the content of the proficiency testing of IHC protocols. The content and methodology of the CBQA and CBQAreadout.ca are overseen and controlled only by our CBQA scientific committee and editorial board.

This website was developed as a collaborative project between the CBQA and CAP-ACP and is also supported by the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the University of Saskatchewan.

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